Friday, March 5, 2010

In the dream, we were both living in aenvironment filled with intellectual, artiststypes, open-minded, very loving typesin some kind of rural environment, likeby woods. There was so much openmindedness and love in the air. I sensedthe smile of every stranger with ease.We were by a group of as many as thiry people who were intiating a ancient dancefor people to learn or follow, similar to astylish form of yoga. We layed together on a blanket, you put your head on mystomach but I don't think it was sexualbut apart of energy of the air. I wonderabout places like this and what chargesan area so strongly with positive ions tochange a person as they walk into it? Would everyone be drinking structuredwater, therefore, everyone is living offof more oxygen? Was this a raw foodistcommunity in my head? I believe this is true.We should both go here.

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