Tuesday, March 2, 2010

How to express silence through sound / words?

"Removing my self currently,
hopefully I will find the void
I am searching for in all objects.
This has nothing to do with you
and me or me and you as me." 1

An emptiness in words creates the
following of an emptiness in mind,
which attracts ones physical entity
to empty space and sound.
One with a identity of nothingness,
(often with an ego as a heavy burden,)
lives a life of that which admires the
emptiness of all objects, following the
sound of nature and its laws permits
one only to have a break in connection
to others to sever old contracts (of the
ego) and emerge anew, move on. 

"the speaking silence which literature seeks to recover, 
and which pervades the language of literature as the 
mute impersonal signification of words become things" 2

1. Excerpt from personal journal.
2. # Reviewed work(s): Roger Laporte: The Orphic Text by Ian Maclachlan

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