Sunday, February 14, 2010

"Who are you?"

I do not often talk about myself or who I am. I assign a feeling of vanity with this even though their is moderation and balance with all things, even things like tobacco, which are seen or viewed as poisons have their place.

I grew up in the middle of the state of Illinois, the middle of the midwest, in the middle of the United States. I was the middle child and was born in the middle of the year. I grew up between a violent, unstable and dysfunctional drunk Leo and a stable, nurturing, and ambitious Virgo. From an early age I learned to think fo myself as being separated from my family and often spent time alone building forts and entertained the neighborhood kids, my brother and I grew apart for our competitive natures, it shows mostly now a days when people think we look so similar but seem so different. In my late teens I was kind of an unstable drunk and thought of life as art, I would torment a great deal of people, in the way Socrates did, as a vision of art and philosophy. My philosophy was if you would not help someone ruin them. I was lead on a very dark path from this lifestyle and after breaking up with my first love after a serious of grave and ugle decisions on mostly my part I turned away from drinking and dysfunction to pursue the only dream I had besides having a love, pursuing art and music. I went on tour with my first band when I was 19, worked on an organic farm when I was 20 and grew away from my old friends, and moved to Boston when I was 21 to live on my own. I lived there on my own, a great deal of the time homeless and living on friends couches, sometimes in parks, on boxes in wooded areas in the city, in my car and in parking lots. I worked very hard there to have my whole live centered around art, I worshiped art and art nourished me. I left there in early January 2009 to tour for two months through the east coast, eastern Canada and the midwest. I decided to travel for a year after this. I never turned back on my music.

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