Saturday, February 6, 2010

A child staring darkly, in the absence of being.
An empty photography, whats the differences
between this and something completely black.
Searching always, trying to take pictures at night
to fill the insides. The artist of history, objects
that mirror their desire and the latent aspects of
their personality. A film of my life at night to fill
my insides. This is my skin and this is who I am.

You're a carrier akin to wind, creeping as psychic messages sent.
You live in the "there I've been," it ruins this time relationship.
It makes out of nowhere a mountain or in the air further in the
sky waiting. Is this searching anything or is nothing? Are you
listening to my question?

A memory is a sent coffin, resting in the bones crystalline it bends,
we never left each others side we can pretend, but can't you see
these memory's aren't to live in. Makes living the present a mountain
and you can climb it if you don't get stuck starring at it. Before you
get lost in the future, looking for a crystal in the dirt waiting, so still
waiting. If you want none of them at all, then you get it all. If for your
one wish, you wish not to wish at become conscious of it all,
you become eternal. The soul of eternity not present in dreams, its
nothing you can see...something as part of your being. It reflects any
truth is formless, it isn't anything that happens, it is nothing that at
all. Even if it was a word, its meaning would be unrecognizable, than
even it would be nothing at all.

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