Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Is Linger Related to Lingerie?

I thought about you today while I masturbated in bed with the covers pulled over my head. The light came distorted through folds in the sheets and I was warm. I imagined you licking me.
Very slowly.
I imagined my whole left hip in your hand, your fingers pressing in above the bone, your thumb pressing my waist at the side, the roughness of your beard against my inner thigh and my hand clutching a fistful of your hair.
I bit my inner cheek. I ground my teeth together. I tilted my head back so the whole right side of my face pressed deep into my mattress and my toes curled up.

I thought about you today while I masturbated in the shower. I was suddenly so warm and wet behind my green curtain. My right shoulder grazed the smooth, cold tiles of the shower wall. I imagined you pressing me up against them, my back flat against the white, veneered porcelain, my knee in your hand, your mouth at my neck. The bridge of your nose slowly passed along my earlobe. Your breath was so loud.

-Kendall Hoff

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