Thursday, January 21, 2010


In-between the place you live
and the place to be discovered,
as if a life could be in its attempt,
in-between is where I will too be.
I am happy for your adventures
because I am happy.
"Around the wood the seasons burn and blow.
A sweet smoke flowers and like a song winds
sleepily upwards in your soft brown eyes.
While you dreamt drinking all most magically
the sea rose sounding suddenly your name…
in the strong sea light, bubbles and strange thunders.
By the edges of your growing life huge beasts
stand perplexed at the forest’s pregnant silence.
Somewhere in the distance a silver flute
begins an ancient music filled with Light.
Flowing to the meanings the twining dancer
turns to turn the sea to foaming spray
flowering the cup you raise to your lips.
The dreamer murmurs the magic syllables
wakes the four winds as memory the child
walks unafraid into your quiet eyes."

How is it living mostly in the past?
As anytime you track the happenings in font,
trace desire through longing possession as it's
chased, chased, chased, chased, chased, chased.
You leave your spoken words in the future:
chase, chase, chase, chase, chase, chase.
At the moment,for the moment,
forever beyond the moment,
however, not in the moment.

poem in quotes //
poème dans citations
"Dancing Years //
ans de danse"
Daniel Drumm(2009)

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