Sunday, December 27, 2009

L'extrait du journal personnel quotidien 1 : Je sais n'importe quoi je fais, je peux avoir une issue favorable parce que je peux faire seulement une chose à la fois à avoir n'importe quel hors- est venu. Je traverse des périodes de ma vie où mon énergie de la vie entière est l'accomplissement d'un objectif. J'ai peur je tomberai dans l'amour.

Excerpt from daily personal journal 1:
I know anything I do, I can have a favorable
outcome because I can only do one thing at a
time to have any out- come.
I go through periods of my life where my
life's energy is the fulfillment of one goal.
I am
afraid I will fall in love.

Photography /
Par / By
Matt Shrier
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  1. from mian's journal, november 9th, 2009:

    oh self,
    silly self with my idyllic heart and ideal disappointment,
    don't settle.
    expect nothing.


    (from nov 30th)....

    forget all you know.
    i really like basketball.

  2. Journal Personnel:

    to swallow a pin;
    to catch a thistle;
    to lose a thistle;
    to know its cotton;
    to itch an anvil;
    to tunnel a carrot;
    to see the end;
    to each an object,
    to noone a moment.

    Tomorrow night:

    to lose number of bingo
    letters/numbers called;
    to see busy ghost families
    itching anvil and mist;
    to open a can a worms;
    to where I started;
    to know its caught on;
    to swallow flash again.