Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Your music put me in this space , like i am a pre-born , in the womb,  or in the limbo , or somewhere undefined,
sorry i write you 200 messages tonite

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  1. "Your music is not far from the sound of the hearts of the angels breaking" Julia LaDense

    "there's a descent and a claiming of both spirit and outrageous patience here" Ian Fulcher

    "she m4k35 just about everyone pretty blissful
    she's a wood elf and celestial fairy
    just w4i7 faux beltane
    con6i6ual fairy visits aelleiviate all swollen sullen hearts."
    Bobby Briggs
    "by the way yo, Pre-Agricultural Languageless Culture (the concept) is at the center of spiritual-politcal-economic outlook on the the world...and a fantastic track as well. Feels like pure distilled experience. Language builds fences around how we experience things and i think you (and other good musicians in the past 5 years or so) have really broken through that using an art form traditionally limited by language. (including instrumental music, in terms of structure and how that relates to linguistics.) " Samuel Zachary Bass