Monday, September 26, 2011

As a reaction to being introduced to such a consistent feed of information on a daily basis, we have reacted by being one with the process by extending this process through our mirror action of producing more information. The creation o this information is manifested through social media platforms, where are connected to all of our friends, family and general attracted people to you through the big world. The information we usually create as a reaction to the constant creation outside of us is usually just what is on our mind. We have become one with sound bytes, our explanations are short, and we are drawn to quick explanations to move on to the next short explanation, consistent, constant, surface oriented awareness.

The same effect can be viewed when we are immersed in groups of people who often are around or surround themselves with drama. When these people I mentioned are so consistently initiated into the drama, they are attracted into seeing this through in their own ways. Both the creation of social information and drama of your social groups lead to a general loss of emotional, spiritual, physical, and psychological energy. Thus, we lose energy and time for our own evolution, which keeps the greater whole, society, nations, planets, away from social evolution.

We can know truth only by being truth.
The essence is found in the silence.

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