Tuesday, September 27, 2011

after i die, 
how many years will it take for a world to foget my life? 
the ghost of writers, rested in the etheric body of a planet, 
in search of the void, in a constant relationship with the ether, 
they become permanent as you can after your physical body has been forgotten. 
the phyisical body while manfested always appears as if it will never be dust... 
the holy actual do endure with their structure after death longer than any other  
their marriage to the nothingness was not restricted to words. 
they went so far into vaccum space they ceased to leave this world 
when their phsycial body was pushed out 
it is god who has pushed the furtherest into the void, 
it is god who will never be separated from the void, yet encompassed in all of life, 
it is the void, god, and life who are always together in the writer or the creator, 
the only humans who's spirit is sustainable 
(sustainability is the ability to have - - - the courage - - not to wait ) 
after they cross to the other side because they are always crossing, and sometimes returning, t o - - n o w - - - 
 w h e r e - - - - y o u - - - h a v e - - - - - a l w a y s - - - - - b e e n - - -

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