Sunday, February 6, 2011

I lost your stone,
but I looked for it fervently.
It felt nice losing it,
thinking about what it meant.
When my friend found it,
(since the group helped find
it when they knew how concentrated I was.)
He said "you had to lose it
to regain it" It felt nice regaining
it too. These are just feelings outside of my creation.
I wish this symbology I created could connect with
the reality I wanted to create of you being back in my possession.
I only say this because I have not found a connection to my heart
from another source, to a land that draws water to my vessel. I
think you will easily be erased because you seem to be a fantasy,
you seem to be the one that I can never believe. I blocked out
the entrance to my source by the returning to your name, so, you
must be erased.

Does one hide that does not choose to face reality or do they never
have to hide because they have created a whole life functional on the
quality of hiding? How can you find any kind of reality or truth in the
convulsion? I

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