Friday, October 29, 2010

A release for friends and halloween.

Thank you Holy Ghost by TEAADORA NIKOLOVA

Thank the holy ghost for haunting me, recently.
It's almost halloween and I wasn't sure what I should be.
I saw a stranger he said I looked pale on the street,
he said I was scary. I told him I saw him I saw my old love
and they frightened me.
Thank you holy ghost for giving me that pain.
I was remembering the bleak reality of four years previously.
I have no hope those who don't change cause just
remind of the place [in life] I used to stay.
There going backwards! On the growing patterns!
I don't think I have to but I am using my past
to reconnect with my goals I set out when I first left here.
I found a new direction its hard to believe in being here,
makes me feel, like those potential. Being here like years
ago, its an emptiness I love to know! It helps me know
why I should sterlize my desire and help the world.
There is more than me in this world to change.
There is so much I could never explain to you my babe
but you are what I found that has nothing to do with where I came.
Its all a dream, besides whats presently in my reality.

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