Saturday, October 23, 2010

I started the blender as I starting writing this. Simultaneously I returned to the origin of this writing, the topic being "an existence marked by a large noise," which I would say is not of the annoying nature but a noise of the philosophical nature. You see, when the blender turned on it cancelled all other noises out, in effect bringing all the motion of my hands to a fluid non-movement on a level of perception. Of course, my hands are moving but one of the primary senses (sound) used to decipher the variation in the different movements, created an illusion of transference while washing the dishes. I saw the meaning in the connectedness of life by not hearing the flowing water over the scrubbing action, the clinking aluminum pan... such a moment in observation and detachment is the not only a display of the simple being holy (as above, is below), that the underling washing the plates owned by his master is no different in the eyes of the universe, that this inspired reality comes without force upon those living open as a blank page, which is partially why I am leaving the true conclusion of this writing up to the reader who may of met me this far.

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