Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I am not aware of my hiding. I cannot say. 

When I was fourteen, I recorded my first songs on a computer but as time progressed I recorded on cheap tape recorder, was surprised of the quality compared to the less pleasing hiss of using the PC. I wrote about love and finding true love until I stumbled through a couple of attempts, until I found my first love. We told each other I am going to destroy you, we meant I love you, we destroyed each other in the end. I was a destructive person but learned to be healed in two years of solitude, which I disappeared into, like I disappeared to Boston after I exited my solitude. I learned that solitude re-affirms or re-news things, depending on the truth of the situation. I lived in Boston for a little less than a year, than I traveled for a year a half touring with my music and just living in new places. I came back to IL to gather my bearings and finances. I recently gathered love.

As response to my friend D, from L.A. saying
"Whats [yo]ur story....[?] I think you like hiding! i have a feeling that so many
 time [yo]u wanted to sit on top of a tree and watch life and love! 

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